Absolute Beginners Series

Saturdays - 3:00pm-4:30pm

If you are brand new to yoga, welcome! Yoga's many benefits include a strong and flexible body, a calm and peaceful mind, and an awakened and joyful spirit. Practicing yoga brings about healing on all levels - within ourselves, our relationships, and the world.

We recommend you start with our 3-week Absolute Beginner Series. This series is a Fun and Deep Intro to Lotus Flow Yoga. It is open to beginners and those who wish to reconnect with the flow and fundamentals of yoga.

Rock the full spectrum of the yoga practice with sun salutations, standing and warrior poses and balancing poses too. Learn how to prep for arm balances and inversions. Ready the body for back bending, twisting, forward bending and a nice deep final relaxation.

You will also get an introduction to yogic breathing, philosophy and meditation. These classes build on each other, creating an awesome foundation from which you can spring into our Lotus Flow 1 class. All of our expert instructors are skilled in working with beginners and are happy to serve! Please make sure to let your teacher know if it is your first class. We have plenty of yoga props to support your practice and fulfill your individual needs.

PLEASE NOTE: This 3 week series is meant to be attended for all of the dates listed. There are no substitutions or make-up dates.

$60 per Yogi

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