Class Descriptions

SUN CELEBRATIONS Wake up and celebrate your radiant life! In the spirit of sun salutations, this class is a rhythmic and devotional practice that warms the body, calms the mind, and opens the heart.
All levels. 1hr 15m/1hr 35m.

LOTUS FLOW This is our signature Lotus Flow in a 1 hour 15 minute open level class.   All levels.

LOTUS FLOW 1 This is our Basics Class, Laughing Lotus style! This Level 1 class builds the foundation for your yoga practice with an emphasis on breathing and healthy alignment in the poses.
All levels. 1hr 15m/1hr 35m.

LOTUS FLOW 2 This is our intermediate class which introduces more challenging poses. Moving at a faster tempo, this class builds stamina and strength while developing grace and flexibility.   1hr 35m.

REVIVAL: LOTUS FLOW 2 Laughing Lotus Director, Dana Flynn, teaches her signature uplifting REVIVAL/Gospel Flow, Designed to UPLIFT!   1hr 35m.

LOTUS FLOW 2/3 This is our intermediate/advanced class where an ongoing practice is required. This dynamic and creative flow consistently explores the more advanced practices and moves at a vigorous tempo.   1hr 30m/1hr 35m.

LOTUS HOUR Nourish your body, mind and soul in this one hour yoga party.   All levels. 1hr.

*NEW!* LOTUS FLY! This Challenging and Dynamic Lotus Flow is jam packed with inversions and arm balances. Taught by our expert Fly Team.   1 hr 30m.

COMMUNITY CLASS This open level yoga class is an offering to our community and is on a donation basis. It's a great way to drop by and check out the center and new Lotus School grads.   All levels. 1 hr 15m.

LOVE SAVES THE DAY! A portion of proceeds from the Saturday noon and Lotus Community Classes benefit a different organization each month in our city or around the world committed to creating change. It's LOVE that makes the world go 'round and it's LOVE THAT SAVES THE DAY!

LOUNGING LOTUS (RESTORATIVE) Move through a series of poses using the support of props and experience the melting of the body and mind into a state of deep relaxation.   All levels. 1hr 30m.

LOTUS ROCKS This is our Rock-n-ROLL with SOUL inspired Level 2 class!   1hr 45m.

ABSOLUTE BEGINNER SERIES This 3-week series is designed for our newest yogis. These classes build on each other, creating a foundation from which you can spring into Lotus Flow 1, our basics class.
1 hr 30m.