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Creative and inspired offerings from the Lotus Team to ignite your imagination and fire up your SPIRIT!


2:00 - 4:00p

  • BK

Yoga Nidra Bliss: Spring Awakening Edition

Celebrate Spring by giving yourself the gift of Yoga Nidra!

Let the sweet meditative state of the practice awaken your senses, rejuvenate your mind and body, release the winter stress and anxiety while nourishing your soul.  No prior yoga or meditation practice required. All are welcome.

$30 for Unlimited Members/ $35 Drop-in rate
No late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy

Cathy Dirkx


2:00 - 4:30p

  • NYC

Sacred Seasons: A Kapha Busting Workshop

Ready for a little Spring wake up call? Join Ali in this installment of Sacred Seasons, an Ayurvedic approach to seasonal living using diet, asana, pranayama, mantra and essential oils. We will outline a course of action to shake off any leftover winter slugishness in body or mind, and get us moving into Spring feeling revitalized, renewed and prepared for this season of rebirth! We’ll chant, move, breathe and of course, sample some seasonally appropriate tonics and food.  All levels welcome, get ready to bust loose!

$40 for Unlimited Members or $45 Drop-in
$30 for Lotus grads

48hr Cancellation policy

Ali Cramer


1:00 - 3:00p

  • NYC

Living with Heart Workshop

Our capacity to love is infinite .We share our love with friends, family and lovers, take the time to replenish the source and turn inward. Join your loving Laughing Lotus hosts Davinia & Amanda and our inspiring guest, who was featured on the cover of O Magazine Shaniqua Garvin of Sisterhued in a heart felt experience to ignite the fire of self love. Tap into the heart space and allow it to lead you to love your best life. A workshop filled with yoga flow, journaling and mudras that will keep you connected to living with heart on or off the mat.

$30 for Unlimited Members/ $35 Drop-in

There is no late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy


Amanda Valdes, Shaniqua Garvin, Davinia Roberts


2:00 - 4:00p

  • NYC

Deep Yin & Essential Oils: Spring Scents

As the season changes, we combine deep yin poses and delicate essential oils to take you on a springtime journey of rebirth, renewal, and growth.

$35 for members/$40 drop in

No late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy

Susan Derwin & Brandi Ryans


2:00 - 4:00p

  • NYC

Monthly Meditation Meet-up: Yoga Nidra

In this month’s Meditation Meet-up we will explore Yoga Nidra.  This “Yogic Sleep” is a guided meditation practiced in savasana. It will awaken your senses and consciousness, releasing the stress and anxiety the Holidays may bring you.  We will start the workshop with slow and gentle movements and finish in a supported savasana. Melt your worries away, as Cathy guides you through an unforgettable journey towards pure bliss.

$30 for Unlimited Members or $35 drop-in

No late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy


Cathy Dirkx

Apr21 - 23

  • NOLA


Join us over Earth Day to Celebrate in the heart of the City at the Church of Yoga. Get ready for the legendary music and bountiful beauty of its landscape, right along side with Lotus’ Signature flow, love and light.

Friday 7pm Live Music with Stefani
Saturday morning  Earth Day outdoor flow under the famous chime tree in city park with Davinia
Saturday afternoon & evening, hit the town , exploring nola by day and the live music venues at night.
Sunday morning  Mashup with Stefani & Davinia

VIP: book flights NOW as they go up in price during Festival Season.  Fly in by Friday & out by Sunday night, unless you’re staying longer.  Book your  AirB&B for mid city, 7th ward or 70119 Zip code.

Pricing: $108 EarlyBird by Mar 21/  $148 Full price

Davinia Roberts & Stefani Rose


2:00 - 4:00p

  • NYC

Basics Booster 

 Give your Basics a boost in one playful afternoon by unlocking the mysteries of chaturanga, binding and more to power up your physical practice and take care of your body, too.  Great for a budding practice or to refresh your flow with intelligent technique.

30$ for Unlimited Members/ $35 Drop-in

No late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy

Christine Chen


2:00 - 4:30p

  • NYC

Get your Yantras and Mantras ON

Join Ambika and Sarah for an experience of Mantra and Yantra that will blow your mind. Ambika( will lead you in chanting sacred mantras (call and response) and continue to chant in her transcendent voice while you work with your chosen Yantra. Sarah will initiate you into the Art of Working with Yantra through applying color ( while chanting, and help you find the Yantra most suited to you at this time. You will have a beautiful Yantra to take home with you and the chants will ripple through your being for days.

$35 for Unlimited Members/ $40 Drop-in Rate

No late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy

Sarah Tomlinson and Ambika

May20 - 21

Sat 10a-1; Sun 2:30p-4:30p

  • NYC

Women’s Health & Hormones: FULL Weekend

Balance Your Hormones, Balance Your Life: Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness through Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, and Western Science. We will explore the root causes of many fundamental health concerns of women, including understanding hormonal changes, breast health, infertility and other considerations from a perspective that combines Ayurveda, nadi theory and Western science.In the modern world stress is affecting each of us in surprising ways. It is a major culprit in hormonal imbalance and is at the root of most women’ s health concerns. Over the course of this weekend, we will learn simple approaches to understanding stress and sex hormones, and apply Ayurvedic nadi theory to practically address hormonal balance through breathing techniques.Please wear comfortable clothes. We will not be doing asana, but we may be spending about an hour each day doing practical exercises for the cultivation of prana.

$200 for the weekend /$108 for only Saturday (Sunday can not be taken as a single workshop)

Lotus/Ayurveda grads: $150 for the weekend/$88 for only Saturday (Call front desk for Grad discounts)

No late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy

Dr. Claudia Welch