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Nov09 - 15

  • Rishikesh, INDIA

Law of Attraction India Pilgrimage:

The Law of Attraction is a Universal Law.

There are universal principles that govern the elemental nature of our universe. Scientific, mathematical, absolute truths, which indicate how ‘energy’ works.  Throughout history, there are many Masters, seers & Rishi’s who have understood this elemental universe and co-created with its flow. There are places on this earth that have magnetized these beings as the earth’s energy grid here is less ‘congested’, and access to the frequency (vibration / energy / transmission) of this information is enhanced. Rishikesh, is one such place.

Now it is our turn to pilgrimage to India and merge with the teachings of the Masters, and explore how we manifest thoughts to things!  Except mind-blowing info, and useable take home tools!

$2295 AUD (Approx $1650USD)

Deborah Langley