200-Hour Teacher Training FAQ's

What if I have to miss a weekend because I have something important (wedding, family trip, 5K charity race, etc.)
Attendance at each and every session is mandatory to participate and graduate from Laughing Lotus Teacher Training. We are unable to schedule make-up sessions for any planned absences or missed sessions. If the timing does not fit for a particular training check out one of our other scheduled training programs.

What books make up your required reading list?
Help, Thanks, Wow: The Three Essential Prayers, by Anne Lamott
A Path with Heart, by Jack Kornfield
The Heart of Yoga, by TKV Desikachar
Light on Yoga, by BKS Iyengar
Healing Mantras, by Thomas-Ashley Farrand
The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Swami Satchidanada

Besides attending the weekend sessions what are the other time requirements?

  • Mentor and Buddy Meetings: At Orientation you will be assigned a mentor and yoga buddy and you will meet with each of them once a week to check-in, practice teach and go over assignments.

  • Classes: For the weekend program two weekly classes are required: One Level 1 (Basics) and one Lotus Flow, 2,2/3 or Sun Celebrations. Restorative, Lotus FLY and hour classes do not count toward these required classes.

  • Homework: There will be weekly asana and essay assignments and readings from your handouts and textbooks. These will be handed in to your mentor for grading. You will also be sending weekly summaries of your practice to one of the Directors.
You will have to two Oral Presentations based on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, one service (Karma Yoga) Project, and have to attend one Kirtan and write about it.

Who are our mentors and yoga buddies?
Your mentor is a Senior Laughing Lotus Teacher and your Yoga Buddy will be a fellow trainee.

Is it recommended that we practice at Laughing Lotus prior to applying?
It is recommended that you take a few classes before you commit to the training if possible. We also have Info Sessions/Open classes where you can meet the Directors and ask any other further questions you might have. These classes are free and you can visit the 200-Hour Teacher Training Session page for upcoming dates.

Are my classes are Laughing Lotus Yoga Center included in the tuition?
All of your classes are included in your tuition at Laughing Lotus and begin when you make your deposit.