A single class (60min-90min) is $25 if purchased online, or $27 as a walk-in (includes Mat).  We also offer an INTRO special of $49 for your first two weeks, available upon your first visit.

Lotus Flow™ is an uplifting, innovative and soulful journey — a practice steeped in the timeless traditions of yoga, infused with music and spiced with divine inspiration.

We offer classes at all levels, whether you are new to yoga or looking to amplify your practice

Level 1

Gentle Flow

This soothing and nurturing class is designed for anyone who wants to slow their FLOW. Class with incorporate Mantra, Meditation, healing Restorative or Yin Poses, and gentle fluid asana.  ALL LEVELS

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Sacred Space: Guided Meditation

This is a seated meditation class with mantra, mudra and a sacred space to sit comfortably, breathe freely, and just BE! ALL LEVELS

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YIN Flow

This flow begins with the long, deep holds of yin, lengthening the body’s connective tissue to enhance flexibility in the joints, followed by a spacious, all-level lotus flow. ALL LEVELS

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Basic Flow

Personal attention, modifications, and use of props make this class perfect for both beginners and seasoned practitioners seeking more knowledge and precision!  BEGINNERS

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FREE class taught by Laughing Lotus’ 200hr Teacher Training Graduates. ALL LEVELS

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Restorative yoga will soothe your mind and melt your body. Incorporate blankets, blocks, bolsters, and eye pillows into your yoga practice for the ultimate R&R. BEGINNERS/ALL LEVELS

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Level 2


Our pumped UP Lotus Flow with bumpin’ beat, a big sweat and the coolest cooldown.  INTERMEDIATE

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Lotus Hour

Get all the #lotuslove in 60 minutes  ALL LEVELS

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Kick off your epic day with this dynamic and devotional surya flow. ALL LEVELS

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Rock it out in this legendary class that takes a magical, musical trip down memory lane.  ALL LEVELS

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Level 3

Lotus Flow

Lotus Flow yoga is a celebration of inspired movement, conscious breathing, and vibrant music to create an experience of Transformation. INTERMEDIATE

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Lotus FLY!

Our fearless FLY team share their secret tools for taking flight.  This spicy class is loaded with inversions and arm balances!  ADVANCED

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