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Creative and inspired offerings from the Lotus Team to ignite your imagination and fire up your SPIRIT!


2:00 - 4:30 p

  • NYC

Lotus Flow Assists: Chakras 4 – 6

In this 2.5 hour Art of Assists  we will investigate/ incorporate powerful ways to effectively assist movement. We will connect with the intimacy and flow of energy as we move from backbends, forward folds, into Savasana expressing chakras 4-6.

Open to teachers with a 200-hour training.

No late entry after 10 mins/ 48 hr Cancellation Policy

$45 in advance/ $55 at the door


Dana Trixie Flynn


2:00 - 4:00 p

  • NYC

Deep Yin & Essential Oils: Charging the Seeds of Spring

The Vernal Equinox is considered a day of equilibrium and wonder. On March 20, we have equal amounts of light and darkness, as we shift seasons. To prepare for this time of rebirth and new beginnings, Brandi and Susan will share deep yin poses and essential oils to help us to move  through the remnants of Winter and into the sweetness of Spring.

No late entry after 10 min/ 48 hr Cancellation Policy

$45 in Advance/ $55 The Day of


Brandi & Susan


2:00 - 4:00 p

  • NYC

The Art of Tarot

Much like yoga and meditation, tarot is the creative practice of conscious awareness that connects you to YOU. In this workshop, we will use light movement and meditation to open up our energy channels, learn the story of the cards, and break down how to read for yourself and others—all so that you can develop your own personal tarot practice! To get the full experience, it is recommended that you bring your own deck to work with.

No late entry after 10 min/ 48 hr Cancellation Policy

$25 in Advance/ $35 The Day of 


Will Defebaugh


2:00 - 4:00p

  • NYC

Sacred Seasons: A Kapha Busting Workshop

Ready for a little Spring wake up call? Join Ali in this installment of Sacred Seasons, an Ayurvedic approach to seasonal living using diet, asana, pranayama, mantra and essential oils. We will outline a course of action to shake off any leftover winter slugishness in body or mind, and get us moving into Spring feeling revitalized, renewed and prepared for this season of rebirth! We’ll chant, move, breathe and of course, sample some seasonally appropriate tonics and food.

All levels welcome, get ready to bust loose!

$45 in Advance/ $55 at the Door

No late entry after 10 minutes/ 48hr Cancellation policy

Ali Cramer

Oct18 - 24


Dancing with Shiva: Moving into Stillness / Rishikesh Retreat 2019

Join Dana Flynn and Victor Colletti for a retreat to Rishikesh, INDIA Oct 18th-24th 2019

Experience the grace of practicing on the sacred river Ganges. Purify your heart and change your karma in the holy waters, experience the depth and beauty of life on the Mother river of India. Connect with the energy of Shiva, the great sages, sadhus and sacred cows that live and wander in the hills of the Himalayas. Deepen your devotion each day with morning meditation, mantras and two inspired classes. Nightly Aarti will bring a sacred rhythm to our evenings with the practice of divine ritual, fire and the offerings of flowers, together, we will tap into Shiva’s and Shakti’s mystical powers and discipline to Transform our Spiritual Life!

$1400 per yogi / flight not included

**For an additional $500, our India hosts are offering an optional trip to the Taj Mahal at the end of the retreat / Oct 24th-26th. Info in your Welcome Email.

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Dana Trixie Flynn & Victor Colletti